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History of Bangladesh Band Music.

History of Bangladesh Band Music:

Bangladesh band history starts from 1960. The first band of Bangladesh is called Bangladesh. The founder of the band is Mr.Rumi Omer. He was an ex football player. Then many bands formed. It is hard to know some bands succeed and others fall short. It was a handful of self-taught musicians that got together to create original sounds and jump-started the rock scene like never before. Their efforts resulted in the birth of the ‘Bangla Rock Scene’. Among the pioneering groups in the late ‘60s were iconic bands like Windy Side of Care(Rafique Mazhar Islam Saju and Rafi Omar) (Ex-Iolites), The Lightnings, Rambling Stones, Ugly Phases and Insex Dui, they eventually became the veterans of band music. They didn’t have the privilege of expensive instruments or sound systems, which the present rockers now take for granted.

In 1963, Zinga was the first Orchestra Band in Bangladesh formed in Chittagong by a young group student of Chittagong College. Zinga brought a new flavour in Bangla Music. They started playing popular Tagore songs, Nazrul songs and hit movie songs in western Orchestra style. Zinga is the first band who used western instruments of Drums, Guitar, and Piano. Within a short time, Zinga got the popularity; also they had to face criticism from the conservative people. But Shafat (Band Leader & Vocal) believed that criticism should be taken positively and novelty never goes without criticism.
Shafat’s two teenage sisters Najma & Shehla Parveen joined the band in 1964. Both Najma & Shehla not only had outstanding vocals but were also skilled of playing Piano, Bongo and Drums. It is noted that they were well-trained by Shafat himself. Najma & Shehla immediate published several hit songs: Fule Fule Dhaka, Duti Mon, Shagor Tire and Najma’s evergreen hit song Tomari Jibone.

Azam Khan(Uchharon)The Legend, The Imaginative Composer, he inspired musician and lanky bearded lyricist ignited something that caught the attention of plenty of listeners. He was the hero of the 70’s making his music speak the universal language of bringing one’s inner feelings to life with tunes. He is called the Pioneer of Bangladeshi rock music. The Akhand Brothers(Lucky and Happy) created the hype in the music industry with their straight-down-the-line magnetic songs around early and late 70’s. Happy Akhand’s Abar Alo Elo Je Shondha is a milestone and probably is one of the famous songs ever produced. His premature death was a big blow to all the musicians who were influenced by Happy’s passion for music and had now lost a pioneering figure of Bangla pop music. His contemporaries include great icons such as late Firoze Shahi, Ferdaus Wahid and Fakir Alamgir. Firoze Shahi was the traditional mystic Sufi singer, Ek Seconder Ni Vorosha, Fakir Alamgir used to folk song, O Sokhina Gesos Kina Vuila Amare. Ferdaus Wahid was the most dazzling of the quartet. With his funky printed shirts, bell bottom trousers and large sunglasses, he brought in a disco element to his songs.

In the old bands there are many bands that are still going very strong. There is Souls(1970), Feedback(1976), Miles(1978), Renaissance, LRB, Feelings later Nagar Baul(the City Bird), Waves and many other bands who were very well since they started. Miles and Waves were more underground. Souls was perking up to be a mainstreamer and soon got themselves a record deal. In 1980, they released their debut album Super Souls, which was one of the first albums to be released by a music group in Bangladesh. Not only they were popular for over a decade, but also served to launch popular artists like Ayub Bachchu(who created LRB)and solo pop performers Tapan Chowdhury and Kumar Bishwajit .

Feedback absolutely ruled the `80s era with their album Ullash and Mela. Everywhere one would hear Maqsoodul Haq`s immortal refrain: ``Bashonti rong shari pore lolonara hete jay``. It was from mid `80s to early `90s that hard rock started getting immensely popular. With the likes of Miles, LRB(1991), Feelings and Ark, the definition of rock became more versatile to the listeners. While Feelings were fusing rock, Feedback, Miles, LRB, and Ark were more into mainstream pop/rock. The release of Feedback, Miles, LRB gave tremendous hit albums wowing the audiences. Sumon of Aurthohin best describes the era of metal music: ``It was around 1986 when Miles presenting hard rock in Dhaka. One fine day my elder brother came home and announced that there was a band, which was performing songs of Iron Maiden. It was very difficult to believe. But then I witnessed it myself in the next concert. It was mind blowing to see them covering several numbers of Iron Maiden and they did very well indeed! The band was called Rock Strata followed by another big gun Warfaze(1984). Different Touch were a popular in the late `80s and early `90s with their melodic tunes with several hit songs like `Sraboner Meghgulo`. Nova(1986) is a Hard Rock, Soft Rock Band. Nova released seven albums till now.

The early `90s proved to be a blast for the heavy metal scene. ``Mixed album Hooray was back then a huge inspiration and boost for many celebrated bands from today``. Remarked Shakib of Cryptic Fate, followed by mega hit albums of Warfaze and Rock Strata. Around that time there were whispers of another band doing heavy melody – influenced rock songs that had that larger than life sound, later resulting into two consecutive hit albums. Winning was the name on everyone`s lips as long as their music was alive. Unfortunately the band broke up. Micro, Monitor and Digital bands were also popular at this time.

in 1993, Sumon leaving Warfaze, along with Piklu from Rocksrtata(after the band broke up) and Jolly Roger(Band) tagged along to start the same journey under a new name Aurthohin(1993). The band finally met its heart and soul. From 1993, we heard of the rise of metal bands such as Cryptic Fate, Maestria, Dethrowa and PsychoDeth. These bands used to perform great underground shows. Shironamhin(1996) still now a popular band. Around 1998 that Koprophilia, Clovermind and Spanking Monkeys from the alternative side came into existence. Suddenly most of the bands broke up again. Only Cryptic Fate survived! Around 1999, some bands came in the music scenario. Artcell(ex-Tantrik), Metal Maze, Migraine, Black, Wire, Nemesis with some more bands surfacing.

Now Bangladesh has huge numbers of bands. There are new bands coming up and some bands are very popular amongst the youngsters of our country. They are Prometheous, Dolchhut, Obscure, Chime, Beduin, Bortoman, Dour, Dreek, Eclipse, Mechanix, Pentagon, Powersurge, Durbin, Arbovirus, Aashor, Breach, DNA, Fulbanu`s Revenge, Kral, Kronic, Triloy, Reborn, Stentorian, Shunno, yaatri, Bangla, and many more. The quality and variation in band music of Bangladesh is exploring.


Mahbub said...

nicely written!! :)

Nadir Islam said...

It's very nice but i think some more bands name was forgotten to mention but it's good it will be more good if we can see some picture with band name and All band's name & memebers.

ab lrb said...
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P.M. Pantho said...

I heard there was a band Eves or new Eves (vangchur prem) ...that was also quite popular band among these bands... If u mentioned ... We can informed about them.

Georgina said...

How come you did not mentioned any of the names from the Huq Family - from where 4 bands came and 3 of them were the top bands in that era ? Alamgir Huq - Windy Side of Care; Dastagir Huq - Underground Peace Lovers; Noyon Huq Munshi - Austheer (later Feedback) - and Finally we 3 sisters' 3 Huq Sisters Band.

I am the first female drummer of Bangladesh and played drums for Spandan for a brief period of time as I got married and was not allowed - Late Sheikh Kamal wanted to help me by talking to them to let me - but I did not want to disturb him and also thought that would make my life even more sad. We sang English songs, is that the reason why you did not mention us? also most of us left the country and was not interested in becoming famous and advertise for ourselves.

Hope you understand. Best regard, Georgina

hjhjhj said...

Can anyone give me the song A KISHER AYOJON AMAR by Eclipse band?

I need it urgently. Please mail the song at :

Akas Ck said...

nagar baul koi?

Khalid Hossain said...

Listen a nice song

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Roby's Web Magic said...

2 Hard rocks bands are missing. Aces and In-Dhaka. 4 bands in the 80s came out and performed hard rocks. Warfaze, rockstrata aces and in-dhaka. These guys were all good friends and also practiced together.
Thought it would be helpful to complete the lists.

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