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Shunno is a Pop-Rock Band from Bangladesh.


is a pop-rock band formed in Bangladesh in 2007. They have released three commercially successful albums and several singles. Perhaps, they are most notable for being a super group and achieving commercial and critical success factors within a very short time of their debut. They are especially popular among young generation of Bangladesh. There one of the top hit "Shoto Asha" was the theme song of the Bangladesh Cricket Team "by the renowned telecom operator Grameenphone made.


Shunno was formed by two friends Shaker and Emil, Shaker on guitar and Emil on vocals. They were doing music alone in front for a long time and came together to publish their first song at the end of 2007. Soon enough, two additions had been made in the lineup Michael on bass and Tanim on drums. After a few months later, Tanim became busy and Labib joined as a drummer, and so the journey begins.

After one year of full activity, Shunno released their first album "Notun Srote" under their own production house, Maroon music, and the album produced by their guitarist Shaker Reza. `Notun Srote` got very good feedback from the audience and was well received by critics.
As Notun Srote flowed through the minds of the audience, Shunno came up with two more singles that people took with open arms, and those singles Shunno put on quite a different position in the minds of their fans. After one year from the release of `Notun Srote`, Shunno came with another new album, `Asha Shoto`, which was published by Fahim Music. The album was massively appreciated by all. And a year later, `Shoto Asha` was nominated for 'Citicell Channel i Music Award "in the best band nomination and shaker Raza was nominated for the Best Sound Engineer and Shunno won the award for best band and Shaker Raza won the Best sound engineer, both popular choice and jury choice. Accompanied by this success, Shunno the title track from their second album `Shoto Asha` choose from a reputed telecom company, to be their theme song for the ICC World Cup 2011.

Their third album "Gorbo Bangladesh" was published in September 2011.


o   Email-Vocal.
o   Shaker-Guitar.
o   Michael-Bass.
o   Labib-Drums.

Shironamhin is a Psychedelic Bangladeshi band.


is a Psychedelic Bangladeshi band. Zia and Tuhin started the band in 1996.

The band has released four studio albums and several mixed albums. Their first album `Jahaji` released   in 2004. Following the success of the album, they released their second and third album `Icche Ghuri`(2006) and `Bondho Janala` (2009).

In 2010, Shironamhin released their latest album `Shironamhin Rabindranath` during the 69th upcoming death anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. They composed the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore’s famous poems in Shironamhin’s signature style.

Musical Style
Folk, Rock, Alternative, Classic, Metal, Psychedelic.

Released Album
ü Jahaji(2004)
ü Icche Guri(2006)
ü Bondho Janala(2009)
ü Shironamhin Rabindranath(2010)

Mixed Albums
  • Neon Aloy Shagotom (2007)
  • Shopnochura 2, 3 (2006/07)
  • Bondhuta (2008)
  • Rock 101 (2008)

Current lineup
§  Zia (Bass)
§  Tuhin (Vocal)
§  Shafin (Drums)
§  Rajib (Keyboards & Synths)
§  Tushar (Guitars)
§  Diat (Guitars & Banjo)

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Metal Maze is a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Band of Bangladesh.

Metal Maze is a hard rock and heavy metal band of Bangladesh.

Formed in October 1995.

The band is heavily influenced by rock and metal music. Their debut song ``Proshno`` released in 2001 in the album ``Charpotro`` was a massive hit. Gradually, they released six more tracks in different mixed albums. MetalMaze’s debut album was released in 2003 named ``Ojana Oddhay`` and their second album ``Corporate Robot`` was released on the 18th September, 2009. Both the albums have gained popularity among their admirers and fans.


§  Kazi Faisal Ahmed-Guitar
§  Zahin Rafid-Guitar
§  Maxl-Vocal
§  Anik Rahman-Bass
§  Samiul Wahid Shovon-Drums.

Dalchhut is a Melodious Band from Bangladesh.


is a band from Bangladesh, known for their melodious songs. 

In 1993, Bappa Mazumder and Sanjeeb Chowdhury met for the first time together in a local market in Dhaka. Bappa and Sanjeeb started working when asked Bappa Shanjib work on his solo album. Sanjeeb wrote a series of songs such as "Rani Ghumay", "Chokkhu Khule Dekho" and "Hattimatimtim" for solo Bappa inauguration. They worked together in the exhibition of photographs Karmokar Aashok 'Kalratri', which impressed the audience and encouraged the couple to start a band. Bappa Sanjeeb proposed a band. Bappa agreed and Sanjeeb named the band `Dalchhut` Consequently Dalchhut was formed in November 1996. The first line contains only Bappa and Sanjeeb. Renowned bassist and singer of the band Shumon Aurthohin helped in the early stages.
In 1997, Dalchhut released their first album titled 'Ah'. The album was able to attract the attention of the audience, but the band began the public's interest and reputation as a music video to win "Rangila' the song appeared on television. With respect to his first album, said Shanjib" This is strange, our first album was a success after eight months. "
in 2000, Dalchhut’s second album "Hridoypur" which was published, did not last long in order to be successful. With this version of the album saw the band's popularity grow.
In 2002, they published third album titled "Aakaashchuri', which enjoyed popular ratings. it had 11 songs on the first edition. In 2003, again with "Bioscope" enjoy song.
Following the release third album in 2002, Bappa became more busy as his popularity grew, and Sanjeeb Chowdhury has been pressed for time, because he has a journalistic career, and their record companies. `Jochhnabihar` Dalchhut fourth album released in 2007 and was an instant success.

Tukro Kotha
After the untimely death of Sanjeeb Chowdhury in 2007, Dalchhut released a solo album named "Tukro Kotha". The song was made by one of the poems Sanjeeb Chowdhury.

Aay Amontron
Dalchhut’s last album, the sixth of the band, Aay Amontron in the 25 December 2010, the 47th Birthday of Sanjeeb Chowdhury published. With a ceremony called "Sanjeeb Utshob 'the band, with some musician friends, celebrated the birthday of His love" Sanjeeb'da "and started the new post. The new album contains 11 tracks, of which, the 11-track' Notojanu" Sanjeeb Chowdhury wrote itself. On this album, they also covered the popular patriotic song "Oh Dheuer Teerhara Shagor" by the famous singer and songwriter, Apel Mahmud. The album was another success.

Dalchhut still now performing their popular songs in concerts.

Current Lineup:

       Bappa Mazumdar
·       Rose
·       Tanim
·       Masum
·       Bullet

Different Touch is a Popular Melodic Band.

Different Touch

is a popular Bangladeshi band in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. the band formed in Khulna later moved Dhaka.

They became very popular for their melodic tunes with several hit songs. One of the evergreen songs of Bangladeshi band history is ``Sraboner Megh Gulo`.

Their creations in Bangla band music are unique as their band’s name. Still their songs are popular in all age’s people of Bangladesh. Mesbah-vocal still now performing.

Popular songs:
*   Akaki Aj
*   Dristi Prodip
*   Kichu Kotha
*   Mon KI Je Cay
*   Shornolota
*   Sraboner Megh
*    Valobasar Tanpura

Cryptic Fate is a Progressive Metal Band.

Cryptic Fate is a Progressive Metal Band.

Formed in Bangladesh in early 1990.

Originally influenced by classic 80’s metal, the band’s sound has continued to mature and create a unique style that now seems very little or nothing to the original development. Cryptic Fate Starting as a pure heavy metal band, their first studio album, 'Ends Forever, "released in 1994, which was written exclusively in English. Their sound began to change drastically in recent years to be taken after the release of their second studio album "Sreshto' in 2001, a concept album about the liberation war of Bangladesh. In 2006 they released 'Danob", their third effort. The album had to offer was nothing less than the best progressive metal, so marked a departure from their original sound, it would be for those unfamiliar with his music presumed to have the same group are excluded.

Studio Albums
·       End of Eternity-1994
·       Srestho-2002
·       Danob-2006

Compilation Tracks

o   Cholo Bangladesh (Charpotro)-2000
o   Shokal Choyta (Anushilon)-2001
o   Eito cholchey (Anushilon)-2001
o   Odhikar (Projonmo)-2002
o   Ashirbad - (with) Black and Artcell (Din Bodol)-2003
o   Gontobbo (Lokayot)-2003
o   Biday (Aguntok)-2003
o   Prem (Aguntok 2)-2004
o   Onadorer Shontan (Aguntok 3)-2005
o   Ondho (Rock 404)-2010

Black is a rock band from Bangladesh.

Black is a rock band from Bangladesh.

Black was formed in 1998 with five members Jon on vocals, guitar Jahan, Tony founded in drums, for additional work and Asif Siddiq Spondon on bass guitar Tamzid. Spondon and Asif soon parted ways with the band on each other's interests to follow.

It was to be one of the first bands to emerge from the underground scene in Dhaka and in all those years gained a considerable fan base is considered a pioneer of the alternative rock music in Bangladesh. The band has gained popularity in recent years for hook-laden rock compositions. In 2004, as a result of the immense popularity of the band all the time the release of their second album, Por Utsober, Black appointed brand ambassador for Pepsi and Djuice, a youth-based design of the phone by Grameenphone and Telenor.

From 1997-1998, Childhood friends and classmates, Jon Kabir, Mushfeque Jahan and Tony Vincent always shared a similar passion for music. Their time was spent mainly in the homes of other’s houses to hear from bands like Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden. The debut album from Pearl Jam Ten has a profound effect on the three and said that was the turning point in which it decided to take up music professionally. 

After convincing themselves mutually decided the trio for their musical skills to form a band and soon had the house blocked by friends. Initially they decided to name their group Dope Smuglazz, like winking disrespectful to parental fears rock music and claims that mention drug abuse, but soon moved to the name Black with a suggestion by fellow students and future band member Asif Haque. The band then went into the Imon Zubair Hossain, an old friend of Asif guitarist, the band keeps it for "a stalwart member" and "philosophical mentor" them. It is common knowledge that helps with the complex composition of their songs, which often contribute directly to words and ideas.

The first single: 2000-2001
In spring 2000, when Jon met Tahsan, a close friend of former band mate Asif stopped playing the piano, in which Jon commented: Play a "melodious tears," invited him to keyboards for the band. Black is out of popularity first experience with the release of their first single in 2000 in the G-series [compilation album by Isha Khan Duray] `Charpotro`. In November 2001, the band filled the gap with a permanent bassist and Miraz was a student of the former bassist of Black Shahriar Sagar.

Amar Prithibi: 2001-2002
In 2002, Black released her debut album titled `Amar Prithibi`. Work began on the album in the fall of 2001, including a number of other singles was released on various compilations, and concluded that in the fall of 2002. Notable singles include "Amra", "Obhimaan", "Amar Prithibi" and "Kothay". The album is released, also formerly heavy black musical influences in songs like "Kobor" and "Ondhokarer Pashe". The album is considered commercial and critical success factors.

Utshober Por and Offbeat: 2003-2004
Shortly after the release of `Amar Prithibi` Black rushed into the studio and began work on its second sequel, entitled Utshober Por. This album was completed in much less time, because the place was already enough material from `Amar Prithibi` for a second album. The album was a departure from the usual heavy alternative style and black instead of more mature-oriented folk music and dealt with more confidence exploratory writing. Notable singles from the album contains «Por Utshober" (title song) and "Shloak" that receive radio play of the trade.
Since the release of their debut, Black revolutionary, who was a household name in Bangladesh turned around, Utshober Por sold very quickly. Since the sudden emergence of piracy in the music sold, the album is good enough to replace Amar Prithibi. The album was fairly well by critics, despite the fact that it has sold so well. Shortly after the publication Utshober Por, the band took a stab at acting. The members of the ensemble as a black rag-tag group of street children in the offbeat TV game. The soundtrack for the song was collaboration between the Black and Arnob, Bangla folk group.

The death of Imran Ahmed Mobin Choudhury and pause: 2005
On 20 April 2005, returning to the successful completion of a tour bus to Chittagong, where the band was plunged into a ditch nearby. The collision caused the death of Imran Ahmed Mobin Choudhury, renowned audio engineer in the music industry, Bangladesh and close friend of the band. The band members Jon, Jahan and Tahsan suffered bruises and minor cuts, while Tony and Miraz were taken to the hospital. The members of the band announced a break until further notice. Miraz was diagnosed with permanent damage to the kneecap and the band had been on leave for an indefinite period.

Abar: 2007-2008
After a break of five years, her third studio album `Abar` of the 10th July 2008. Under the auspices of Warid Telecom, a press conference held at Bashundhara City shopping mall, a celebratory event for the presentation of the album, instead of the capital followed. A documentary record of black career, including death, Imran Ahmed Mobin Choudhury who presented and circulated before the public Abar has begun. Produced under the supervision of Black and released on the label G-series. The documentary features interviews with artists and elements between the music industry, such as Bangladesh, Isha Khan Duray, Azam Khan, Sumon, Tipu and Asif Iqbal Jewel.This album as one of the most commercially successful albums in the history of the region listed Bangladesh Music.

Black (Self-Titled): 2009-2011
End of 2009, Black refers to the official Facebook page, where they started on her fourth studio album in June, and is expected to be the title, the first for the band. Mid-2010, bassist Shahriar Sagar split with the band the way for a former member Rafiqul Ahsan Titu Aashor behind the wheel. By joining the singer says Jon Kabir:
It's like having someone like Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots with respect to the bass player), take time out from her busy schedule and probably jam with ordinary mortals. Each piece of music that brings leaves the rest of us ... loose sense, musically speaking, of course, in short it was a great and overwhelming influence on us and fits perfectly into a musical outsider puzzle us.

Black has long awaited fourth album, the title on 21 August 2011 is published.

Studio albums

§  Amar Prithibi-2002
§  Por Utshober-2003
§  Abar-2008
§  Black-2011

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