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Feedback is one of the most popular musical bands in Bangladesh.

Feedback is one of the most popular musical bands in Bangladesh

-formed in 4th October, 1976.

Their first appearance was in The Hotel Inter-continental now Sheraton, Dhaka, 11th October 1976. Their first recorded song was `Aye Din Chiro Din Robey` in 1980 and it was a hit songs. Feedback released their first album Feedback and then Sragam Acoustics. Feedback absolutely ruled the `80s era with their album Ullash and Mela. Everywhere one would hear Maqsoodul Haq`s immortal refrain: ``Bashonti rong shari pore lolonara hete jay``.

After that Feedback started performing their popular songs in concerts. Their remarkable concerts were Shilpakala Academy 25th September1979, Dhaka University 16th December 1990, Nicco Park Kolkata 26th January 1992, Jadabpur Uneversity 12th July 1994.
In 1995, first band to be awarded in Bangladesh as the best band for their album `Jai Jai Din`. They have some popular songs like Aye Din Chirodin Robey, Ak Jhak Projapoti, Jhau Bonay, Udashi, Moushumi 1 & 2, Kemon Korey Hai, Janala, Majhi, Mela, Bidrohi, Geetikobita 1 & 2, Abar Mela.

In 1996, Lead Vocal Maqsoodul Haq left the band and formed a new band Maqsood O’ Dhaka in 1997.

Band Interest:
We are interested in playing our good old songs for our fans, reviving the memories of those who were with us for a long time. We have left a golden behind, but we are still here to entertain you.

First Lineup:
·       Ershad Moinuddin Popsy-Drums
·       Murad Rahman-Bass
·       Kingsley Richter-Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
·       Sanu Richter-Vocals
·       Salim Haider-Lead Guitar
·       Foad Nasser Babu-Keyboard

v Maqsudul Haque
v Zakiur Rahman
v Omar Khaled Rumi
v Musa Rahman
v Dastagir Haque
v Sandra Hoff
v Shahidul Hasan
v A Z Khan Rommel

Current Lineup:
·       Pearo Khan-Percussion & Vocal
·       Labu Rahman-Guitar & Vocal
·       Shahnur Rahman Lumin-Vocal
·       Enam Elahi Tonty-Drums
·       Foad Nasser Babu-Keyboard


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